Watch James Franco Destroy A Bedroom For 32 Minutes (Or 50 Seconds)

The upcoming issue of Dave Eggers’s Wholpin DVDgazine is going to feature a short film (“directed” by Eggz himself) in which Jams Franco spends 32 real-time minutes destroying a bedroom. Did you hear that, ladies? 32 minutes of fantasiez made real. You can pretend that it’s your clothing he’s tying around his head, and your mattress that he’s flipped over onto a pile of broken glass and crushed plaster to take a bloody-knuckled nap after just going monster on the world. JUST LIKE U ALWAYS DREAMED. “Oh, James, you’ve ruined all of my stuff, but I don’t even care! I’m a girl!”

Or you could just watch the 50 second preview clip after the jump, because seriously, 50 seconds is plenty. We get it. He’s a smash-town dreamboat.

My INSIDE SOURCES tell me that the issue will also feature room destruction by Maria Bamford and Creed Bratton. Is this particular moment in American in which the economy is giving everyone stomach cramps and panicked nightmares really the right moment to have three different celebrities* smash perfectly good bedrooms for art? MAYBE!