This Is Your Music Video: “The Hunger”

The YouTube description, which I’m assuming you wrote, really says it all:

A lost love affair, ancient Egypt, pyramids and skies on fire, a young queen, magic, the afterlife, Anubis, the Underworld, Vampires… Music Video fantasy with a story. Lots of CG special effects. Take note, the costumes are deliberate. The muse wears a bit of ancient Egypt in the present… and the Egyptian queen wears something from the future. A clash of worlds and icons. The lead singer is forced to face his inner demons (a parody of vampire symbols). His hair is purposely messed up, his character in chaos.

Right. I figured his hair was probably messed up because of all the chaos. Vampires and Egypt stuff is always so chaotic. And you can tell that a song is really good and was created as a serious piece of music when the artist is just referred to as “the lead singer.”

P.S. I don’t think your music video is why Ian Curtis killed himself, but it might be why Ian Curtis killed himself. (Via YTR.)