NBC Affiliate Acts Like It Has Fuck You Money

Boston’s NBC affiliate, which is Jay Leno’s hometown NBC affiliate (because that’s a way that we talk about people now, in reference to their hometown branches of multibillion dollar corporations), has decided not to run his upcoming Conan-fucking-over 10PM talk show. From MSNBC:

BOSTON – Boston’s NBC affiliate says it will air a local newscast instead of Jay Leno’s new 10 p.m. talk show.

The move by WHDH has prompted a threat from NBC to strip the TV station of its network affiliation.

Ed Ansin, who owns WHDH’s parent company, told The Boston Globe he did not believe Leno’s new show would be successful. He said the station would do better financially with a news show that competes with Fox-affiliated WFXT-TV’s highly rated 10 p.m. newscast.

NBC is threatening to revoke WHDH’s license, but this is still the best. We’re talking monster zings here. Power zings. I’m not a businessman, but stories like this make me wish that I were. Basically, I just want to leverage my properties in a way that is subtly embarrassing to powerful people, but more importantly that hits them where it counts: their wallet. Whoa. Did I just say “hits them where it counts: their wallet”? Maybe I am a businessman! They say stupid, cliche shit all the time! BUY! SELL! INVEST! Perfect. Do they make business suits out of pajama material?