Stephen Colbert Gives Glenn Beck Something To Cry About

Making fun of Glenn Beck is so fish-in-a-barrel that it’s recently become a national pastime, but somehow, Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert managed to rip the weepy, self-righteous, horrible Fox News crybaby and his stupid “9/12 Project” to such shreds that it made Jon Stewart’s Jim Cramer takedown look like Ann Curry talking about “Angie” Jolie’s latest mission of hope. In the 36 hours that have passed since it aired, the video has become an instant classic. In case you missed it, or if you just want to marvel at it again, here it is. Do not miss Stephen’s impression of Beck’s crocodile tears, which starts at 4:38:

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If only anyone who actually watches Glenn Beck could see that. Glenn Beck should go on the show like Jim Cramer did! He almost certainly won’t, and that probably makes Jim Cramer feel humble, generous, and ballsy.