Let’s Map Bomb The Wolverine: Origins Premiere

Hugh Jackman has taken a moment out of his busy pants-peeing schedule (these pants aren’t going to pee themselves!) to introduce a Wolverine: Origins contest:

Oh boy! Obviously, winning this contest could easily make some nerd’s year. I know that. And I do not begrudge that nerd, sitting in his childhood room in his dead-end hometown dreaming of one day escaping to a less dull and/or hostile city where something actually happens, or at the very least dreaming that one day Galactus comes down and swallows the planet whole. And nerds aside, who wouldn’t want to have Hugh Jackman pee his pants in their own city?! Everyone wants that. It’s hilarious.

Still, we should totally map-bomb the Wolverine: Origins premiere. First we have to pick a city. For example, Hollywood, California. Can you imagine if the premiere of a movie was held there? Dreams really do come true. Then we just go to this website, we all register, and we all click on Hollywood, California. It’s a totally legitimate use of our adult lives.

It will be just like Improv Everywhere. When the nerds realize what we’ve done, they’ll see that art is all around them and they’ll love it because we say so.