Lost: Where/When Is Daniel Faraday?

Oh man, you guys. This season! As far as I’m concerned it goes Lost: Season 1, Lost: Season 2, Lost: Season 3, Lost: Season 4, Lost: Season Oh Man, You Guys!

So, when we left off last week, Sayid shot baby Ben in the baby belly and he was baby bleeding out all over the baby place. Now he might baby die unless someone will help him. But he can’t die, right? Haven’t the rules about how you can’t change the past already been pretty well laid out? That is exactly what Miles and Hurley are arguing about. Miles is like “Shoot me,” and I’m like “Yeah, shoot him.” I don’t understand Miles’s character. Remember when he used to be the Ghost Whisperer? What happened to that? Did it fall down the well that either does or does not exist anymore depending on when the well is? Anyway, Jack is like “I’m not saving Ben,” and Kate is like “I don’t like the new Jack,” and he’s like “You didn’t like the old Jack,” and the truth is I’m with Kate on this one, I don’t really like either Jacks. But I don’t like either Kates either.


We finally learn what happened to Aaron, which is that the long con lady is back, and she keeps projecting her feelings about Sawyer onto Kate, being like “You stole a baby because he broke your heart,” and it’s like, “What? That’s not how things work” But sure. So Kate is like, “oh my God, you are right.” Also, is that really what Sawyer’s last words to her on the helicopter? How romantic. “Take an envelope of cash to this lady who I totes screwed over’s house.” Kate’s like “Why are you telling me this?” And he’s like “PEACE!” It’s just like I always imagined it. Cut to: creepy Claireppleganger tries to teal baby Aaron, and Kate is like “we have to seal off this whole store” because she is literally insane. She gives baby Aaron back to his grandma and the reason she is back on the island is to look for Claire? Huh. That is not why I thought she was back on the island (to make Sawyer and Jack wrestle in their underwear in a cage) but OK.

Back to: baby Ben is going to die because New Jack City won’t save him. But it’s wrong to let kids die, or something, so Kate and Sawyer take him out to the woods hoping that The Others can save him, and Richard Alpert is like “if I do this, his innocence will be gone.” Um, gross, Richard Alpert. That is what he said. But also, what? Dude just got SHOT in the CHEST, I’m pretty sure his innocence just got SHOT out of HIM by that BULLET. Richard Alpert is like “he will always be one of us” and then takes him into the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom, and you don’t get to see inside, but I’m pretty sure there’s a banner that says “Welcome to the Eyeliner Club, Baby Ben.”

And then of course the cliffhanger. Smart.

But let’s get to the real question. WHERE IS DANIEL FARADAY? Everyone is accounted for except that guy. We know all about Ben’s dad and what motel Claire’s mom is staying in, but we don’t know what happened to Daniel Faraday? What is he doing? Or should I say WHEN is he doing? We know he’s in the ’70s, and we know he was assigned to constructing the nuclear microwave time machine, or whatever, but ever since Charlotte died and Sawyer changed his name to LaFleur and realized that he still loved Kate, Daniel has been totally AWOL.

Probably at a key party.