Heidi Montag Continues To Sing Despite Not Being Able To

Remember how Heidi Montag is really, really bad at singing? Well it is now 2009, and some truths were not made to be broken. Huh? New single that she premiered on Ryan Seacrest this morning, called “Look How I’m Doing!,” you guys. We’re gonna need a bigger “I’m sorry about this.”

Making fun of Heidi Montag at this point is like making fun of fish in a barrel. Plastic-faced fish with loudly ticking countdown clocks on their media relevancy. In a barrel of liquid desperation. So what?! Let’s make fun of those fish until they’re dead, and then eat them! Let’s start with the fact that even people who can’t sing can usually come up with clever song titles. “Look How I’m Doing!”? Really, Heidi Montag? That is literally a song title written by a 9-year-old special needs child for his assignment on “What I flossed last summer.” Look How I’m Zinging. (Via ONTD.)