Thou Shalt Laugh At The Bike King And The Ten Commandments

So it seems that bad movie trailers in general and Christian ones in particular are the new cat videos. I’m trying to lay off for a while to not be such a broken record, but it’s impossible when you guys keep sending THE MOST AMAZING TRAILERS, like this one for a movie called The Bike King And The Ten Commandments. In a new twist on the “common sense rules of trailer making were meant to be broken, man!” attitude of Christian movie trailer creators, the first half and the second half seem to be for totally different movies (except for the laughing devil-snake that ties them together). What kind of monster could laugh at a little blind boy in a wheelchair trying to kill himself in a foot of water? This monster. Also, that one, meaning you. God throws CDs!:

God: “I love you. I LOVE you! I LOOVE YOUUU! Listen to my demo!” I think this trailer is the one that will unite believers and non-believers in the mutual harmony of human beings endowed with even the most microscopic sense of humor or the absurd. Yay! (Thanks for the tip, Kristen!)