The Voca People Will Torture You Until You Laugh

What you are about to hear is pure human vocals, no instruments, no sound effects, no heroin to help you tolerate it, the latest entry in the “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” school of entertainment/performance art presumably for old people, like Riverdance:

You know, anyone’s first inclination with this video is to immediately turn it off, but I swear, a couple minutes in your brain releases these amazing painkilling endorphins and it’s impossible to suppress the urge to giggle. It’s like a runners high, or an annoying little brother on a road trip that you manage not to strangle. The Voca People torture you into laughing. They are the audiovisual equivalent of an unwelcome tickling session. As artists, they’re exploring the outer edges of the concept of “Enough already!” Kind of like The Family Guy does. I kind of love The Voca People now. (Via You Tube Reviewed.)