Um, There’s A New Errol Morris Adult Diaper Commercial

No, really. Do not adjust the settings on your computer monitor: this is a new commercial for Depend undergarments directed by the best documentary filmmaker in the world, Errol Morris, and featuring his unique style and literal and figurative voice:

Errol Morris has been helping to finance his amazing movies with commercial-directing work for many years, but I like to think of a Depend undergarments commercial as the ultimate “fuck you” to any lingering indie-doc snobs (heh!) who would begrudge their heroes an honest living. As my dearly missed (for one more day) co-editor Gabe Delahaye would say: “I have no problem with this.” Well, except for the fact that the difference between men and women that matters as far as Depend undergarments are concerned has less to do with highway merging and more with pee-pee holes being in different places, but Errol Morris is a classy man, so I can see why he went another way. Oh yeah, also? It’s fun to watch this and imagine that “merging” means “peeing.” (Via AdGabber, though they focused on the commercial’s content and didn’t seem to notice Errol Morris is a totally famous director. Hmph. Get it together, world.)