Nothing Can Prepare You For The C Me Dance Trailer

You should probably sit down for this: from the makers of Praise Band: The Movie comes C Me Dance, tagline: “A dance that shines through the darkness,” another Christian movie coming out in theaters Friday. The less said about this trailer, the funnier, but if you think you have any clue where it’s going from the first minute, um, you definitely do not. Forget Fireproof, Christian movies are no longer messing around. This is going to be those Jesus Camp kids’ favorite movie ever:

Spiritual warfare and dancing! The only thing that could make this trailer better is if the father’s announcement that “if this is true…man that’s gonna tick off the Devil” was followed by a record-scratch. I kind of actually want to SEE this movie, but it’s currently only coming to fourteen states. You can help bring C Me Dance to your town by filling out this form — unfortunately, there’s probably no way to have a screening as a joke, but I bet it’ll be on Netflix soon. Naum Ashta Deah! (Thanks for the tip, Tori!)