Kids Eulogize Their Dead Fish In The Toilet The Darndest Things

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:03 2006-2006 LOL
:48 I want this girl to eulogize me at my funeral so bad.
1:21 Like, to the point where I would be willing to kill myself if that was the stipulation to get her to do it.
1:22 I know that’s not really a thing, I am just expressing how much I want that.
1:27 Ew! This mom is the worst.
2:02 [Salty tears] We should all be as lucky as Lucky in this life to have such a beautiful tribute before we shed this mortal toilet.
2:47 You fed him a couple of times and he was always looking forward to his food? That’s all you got, mom? FLUSH HER!
2:53 No, dad, she can’t say anything nicer. That is why I am urging you to flush and/or divorce her.
3:42 Now that is how you give a eulogy, mom. This girl is like a Perfection Factory.
4:10 Oh great, now the dad is calling Lucky Marlond too? I will personally help this girl file for legal emancipation from these monsters.
4:50 Thank you, Harvard Law School, for accepting me into your hallowed Law School. OK, Maya. Just three years and one bar exam and you will be free! All that I ask is that you eulogize me at my funeral.