“All The Single Asians” Is All The Single Worst

Boo, Mixed Company of Yale. Booooooooooooo.

You’re telling me that Donna Martin can’t graduate, but these women get to continue studying at an ivy league university? Hoo-wah! Come on Dean Baraby, what kind of shit show are you running over there? This is rough stuff. About halfway through, I thought they must have run out of racial stereotypes to exploit for their hackneyed lyrics, but then they found a whole bunch more of them! Also, if they’re so smart, why are they called Mixed Company of Yale? Don’t the laws of terrible college acapella dictate that they should be called The Treblemakers or some garbage? The Harmonious Korines? The Self-Loathers? Better. The worst is that you can just tell that they’re all going to grow up into a bunch of unhappily married (to doctors, fingers crossed) Amys Poehler from Mean Girls, you know, “cool moms.” Ugh. I’ll walk to school, thanks. Me hate this long time. (Via Urlesque.)