Padma Lakshmi Wants To Do It With A Hardee’s Sandwich

Is basically what this new ad is saying:

Um, yuck. I love Padma as much as the next guy who loves Padma, but yuck. “It reminds me of being in high school, sneaking out before dinner to savor that sweet, spicy sauce”???? That is quite literally what she said. Which sweet, spicy sauce would that be Padma? Because I know it’s not the sauce on the burger that you’re pretending to fuck with your mouth, as that sauce was just invented for this new burger, which is why you are being paid what I hope is a lot of money to star in an advertisement for it. No, the sauce you are talking about is boy sauce, and that’s gross. I should probably teach at D.E.U. (Double Entendres University, Tenured Professor in Overexplanation).

This ad was informative in one way, though. It’s use of a shitty, low-budget M.I.A. rip-off, along with its continuation of the Hardee’s spokeswoman-wants-to-rape-a-burger theme, helped to map out the economic structure of Padma Lakshmi to Paris Hilton and M.I.A., which is Padma Lakshmi = Paris Hilton < M.I.A. Accurate. (Via HuffPost.)

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