Hogwarts School Of Bitchcraft And Jockery

There is a new series of posters for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on the internet now, and they really make me laugh. I mean, I know that this is the part of the series when things start to get really dark, and that Harry Potter is all that stands between the wizarding world (did I just say wizarding world? Whoops, I’m an adult) and pure evil, but seriously, he looks like he is about ready to just straight up pants a nerd. They all do. Wait until you see Ron. Ron just got back from pounding some butter-brews at O’Halligans (they don’t accio for ID) with the boys after laquidditchrosse practice, and now he just wants to find a nice co-ed and get it wet. Fistius bumpus!

What a bunch of magical jerks everyone turned into!

Why are you hitting yourself nerd? Why are you hitting yourself? Because I cast a spell on your hands to make you hit yourself, that’s why.

I used snake blood to write you into my invisible burn book, you bitch. You’re not invited to my party.

Just because I am 45 years old doesn’t mean I won’t magically shove you into an ensorceled locker, queer.

LOLz. Mean Girls 2: Mean Wizards.

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