Real World: Brooklyn: Open Thread

Due to some technical difficulties with the Lawnmower Man today, there will be no Real World recap. Oh boo hoo, everyone is so sad I’m sure. “Now who will make lazy jokes about Chet’s homemade purple man-capris?” But I know that last night was a very touching episode, what with Ryan’s imminent return to Iraq bringing out the best in everyone. Chet gave a patriotic speech to Ryan about how proud he and all his friends are for Ryan’s honorable service. Devyn said something about Ryan being a hero by putting himself in the face of danger, because she studied melodramatic cliches at the collegiate level. And let’s not forget Scott taking Ryan down to the Crunch™ gym to help him get his Iraq body back. Body armor season is right around the corner. Scott should change his name to Scawesome. And then there was a trip to Atlantic City and JD won thousands of dollars? With that money, he can have the confidence to keep his head out of everyone’s business.

So, your turn. Did anyone else see last night’s episode? Does anyone even watch this show? Hello? Anyone?