After Last Season Just Got A Little More Real

Okay, guys, remember earlier this month, when I introduced the After Last Season trailer, and everyone was all “That’s amazing, but no way it’s getting a theatrical release, you are wrong about that, Lindsay Robertson, wrong wrong wrong!”? Weeellll, alert tipster Noah just pointed out that After Last Season’s trailer has now been added to Apple Movie Trailers, small but not insignificant further evidence that, despite our collective incredulity, this is a REAL MOVIE that is COMING OUT SOMEWHERE this spring. And this is a real WTF clip from that real movie…

My commentary on this, besides WTF, is “She was supposed to WRITE DOWN what she was imagining.” Any nine year old aspiring mentalist knows that. (Not that anything about this movie makes sense so far.) You heard it here first: After Last Season: it’s real, and according to Apple Trailers, it’s a “comedy”! Please please please let this movie come out everywhere and let real film reviewers have to review it. Thank you, Lord, Amen.