Please Don’t Get Married On MySpace

MySpace, whatever that is, is holding a contest in which one INCREDIBLY UNLUCKY (like, the most unluckiest) couple will be chosen not only to have their wedding broadcast on the social networking site, but to have every aspect of their wedding decided by MySpace users. Perfect. Such a special day to remember because it’s the day before you committed suicide. Trailer, or something, you guys:

Yuck. If your significant other thinks that this is a good idea and that you should enter, please inform them of their new status as your significant ex. WALK AWAY, GIRL. On the other hand, if you BOTH think that this is a good idea and you make the “royal we” decision to enter this contest together, then I’m so glad you guys found each other, and I hope you win because I’ve already got the perfect honeymoon spot picked out for you.

Also, isn’t MySpace like a multi-billion dollar corporation? Why does this trailer look like an ad for a local beauty salon that your cousin Tony did for cheap as a favor for picking him up at the train station last Christmas? If you win, do you have to start your new family back in 1993?