Where Have We Seen The Taking Woodstock Trailer Before?

On last night’s Important Things With Demetri Martin, Demetri used his show’s platform to introduce the summer Ang Lee movie (and to explain who Ang Lee is, wince), Taking Woodstock, in which he stars as real-life-person and memoirist Eliot Tiber, an interior designer who helped run a small hotel in upstate New York and was bewildered to find himself in the middle of history when he helped get Woodstock off the ground. You can’t tell much about a movie from a trailer, but this is definitely not what I was expecting:

Hmm. It just doesn’t seem very different or special, does it? I think when most of us heard about this movie last year we were like “Really, Demetri Martin is going to star as the gay main character in an Ang Lee film? Weird, risky, and maybe awesome!” But this doesn’t seem like an Ang Lee film, and Demetri doesn’t seem to be playing any sort of Hollywood gay stereotype (thank god, though he has the “square dork” stereotype down). At first I thought this trailer seemed Almost Famous-y, what with the “naive young man finds himself caught up in a crazy counterculture and becomes a part of history” exact-same plot, not to mention “I love this hill!” equaling “I am a golden god!”, but then I watched the Almost Famous trailer again and simply as trailers go, it’s about ten million times more substantive. I want to give this movie the benefit of the doubt, so maybe the trailer was rushed out in order to appear on Demetri’s show before its run ends? Or maybe, as the trailer-cliche opening piano music suggests, this movie is exactly what it looks like: a light, airy, precious, twee little summer diversion. And there’s nothing wrong with that. At the very least, it’ll be fun to see Liev Schreiber in drag.