Kids Sing A Made Up Song About Netiquette The Darndest Things

This is pretty great.

I copied out the lyrics so that they’re easier for you to cut and paste into your Livejournal:

While chatting, first greet happily
Use polite words in a cordial way
During the game always be open, honest and do the right thing
Be careful on the keyboard
I know who did it (be careful) I know
I am the internet guardian angel
I will be the first to protect
I want to be the first to protect
Though faces are unknown, it’s a warm neighborhood
Precious Internet friend
Precious Internet friend (friend!)

I’ve also written an adult verse, because as we get older Our Netiquette, Ourselves:

When you go on craigslist
To post your casual encounters
Make sure to post a dick pic
Of the proper dimensions
If you post a dick pic that does not meet the requirements
It will mess up the page
For all of us (for all of us!)
Even if you are just going to post a dick pic
To accompany your ad for a used bike you’re trying to get rid of before you move
Precious internet friend (true friend!)
Always always always
Careful with the dick pics!

Just because this is super dumb doesn’t make it not true. (Via PBS.)