This Post Is Not Titled “Bob Barker, Come On Down”

Bob Barker is going to make a cameo on The Price Is Right. From TVSquad:

Television icon Bob Barker will be returning to the game show that made him famous for a cameo appearance on April 16 alongside regular host Drew Carey. The appearance is serving as a promotion for his upcoming autobiography Priceless Memories.

I don’t know what it is about this story. There’s nothing wrong with Bob Barker making a cameo on The Price Is Right. That’s his baby. His show baby. It should be written into his contract that he gets to make a cameo once a year until he dies. And there’s nothing inherently wrong about him writing an autobiography, although I’m not sure I need an entire chapter about “How We Came Up With The Name ‘Plinko'”. But taken all together, the twilight visit to the old haunt in order to promote a book that even the most diehard fans probably don’t really want (something tells me the core TPIR audience are not voracious readers), the whole thing is just double 00’s on the wheel of :(.