You Asked For It America, And Now You Are Going To Get It

Your comedian, Jeff Dunham, made 19 million dollars last year in ticket sales. His Christmas special was the most watched program in Comedy Central’s history. Is that his fault? No. He just showed up with a bag of puppets and a heart full of racism. It is our fault. We did this. And now that we’ve proven it’s lucrative, we’re going to be forced to keep doing it, back and forth forever. From Variety:

After his Christmas special became the most watched show in Comedy Central history, ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has signed an all-encompassing deal with the cable net that includes a series order, another standup special, a DVD release and merchandising.

Comedy Central has ordered six episodes of a new series starring the puppet-toting comic with plans to start production this summer and air the show early next year.

A one-hour standup special is slated to air in fall 2010, around the same time that a tour and consumer products push are launched. A DVD release will also be coordinated around these events.

Perfect. JUST a TV show and another special and a like of consumer products and a DVD? WHAT ABOUT SOMETHING FOR THE SUPERFANS? 2009 and America’s favorite thing in the world is a racist ventriloquist. Congratulations everyone. It’s only a matter of time now before Larry the Cable Guy gets elected to public office, and farts become actual currency. Now let’s go find some witches and throw them in the lake!