The Children Of Mumbai Are Dressed For Success (Success = Clean Drinking Water)

Those cute kids from Slumdog Millionaire were models in a fashion show over the weekend. Perfect. They even got to keep the clothes, which I believe if you boil long enough ARE edible.

Setting aside my hate and my cynicism for one second, this is definitely better news than when Azharuddin was beaten by his father, like, one day after he got back from the Academy Awards. Woof. And obviously I want nothing but the best for these two children. We all do. Because they’re so cute. If they were ugly I’d be like “Ew, gross! Put them back in the cholera mud.” But my genuine and sincere desire for their continued well-being doesn’t mean that I am not still completely disgusted by what seems to be Slumdog Millionaire’s lasting legacy of aestheticizing poverty to the point that it basically becomes a fashion icon.

Here, the children of Mumbai wait outside of Olympus Fashion Week hoping to get into the Marc Jacobs tent.

“We use empty soda bottles and twine to make shoes!”

LOOKING GOOD, GRRRRRL. So thin! (Via HuffingtonPost.)