You Guys Like Cats, Right?

Lindsay is out of town for the next few days and won’t be posting regularly. It’s just you and me. It puts the lotion in the blog post! But so OF COURSE as soon as Lindsay leaves there are two incredible cat videos all over the place. Isn’t that always the way? I’m sure when I go on vacation there will be a story about how Gwyneth Paltrow is opening an exclusive celebrity prison with her lover Seth MacFarlane. Obviously, I don’t have the Cat Post Touch that Lindsay has, but even I can’t deny that these cute guys are so cute it is nuts. It’s sick, really. We should all go to the hospital and ask to have our hearts turned off because they love TOO much.

The first great cat of the day is this little guy, cleaning a baby fox.

I like how he hugs him to get the cleaning done right. You have to.

The second cat of the day, is basically Box Cat, but for bags. Bag Cat:

OHHHH! I WANT TO EAT YOU FOR LUNCH! That’s what Lindsay would say if she were here, right? “You cats are so cute I just want to cut you up and put you on a french roll with some provolone, tomato slices, and hot sauce!”

Waiter, what is a cat doing in my sandwich?
I believe that’s the backstroke, sir.


(Thanks for the tip, Edith.)