Is This The Saddest Or The Fakest Casting Call Ever?

Look, if you want to be a celebrated actor or actress, that’s fine. We all have dreams. Just study drama at the collegiate level, get on the Real World, and show up three hours late to your audition. That’s how all the greats started. But please don’t use craigslist as a legitimate resource for finding work, because it is scary, and you will get raped.

Wait a second. This is some Sacha Baron Cohen-caliber, or at least some Jamie Kennedy Experiment-caliber shit. A Stone Roses parody reference? Ghetto Blood Drinka? GHETTO BLOOD DRINKA? For the illest up-and-coming rap artist, he sure could use a better web presence. Fake! Fake? Either way, it’s the saddest, because even if this is a joke, cool joke, RACISTS. In any case, don’t respond to this ad, guys. There’s no such thing as free crunk juice. One way or another, YOU ARE GOING TO END UP PAYING FOR THAT CRUNK JUICE!