Is This Paul Rudd’s Voice In This Mac Commercial That I’m Hearing?

Over the past week, I’ve gradually become convinced that Paul Rudd does the voiceover for this newish Macbook commercial. If it isn’t, chalk it up to his recent um, exact-right-amount-of-media-exposure. The voice sounds a little younger and a little dorkier, but the “rs” sound so like him!:

It sounds like Paul Rudd trying to not sound like Paul Rudd, if that makes any sense. The way Jon Krasinski does in those Blackberry commercials. And it’s been airing during comedies, like 30 Rock last night. And Apple has a history of hiring comedian pitchmen, of course. I sort of maybe rest my case? I’ve been wrong before, though (see the Bobbie From Mad Men Green M&M Disaster.)