Tommy Wiseau And Other Celebs To Appear At The NYC The Room Screening Tonight

Lots of Room news today!:

For those planning to see the midnight screening of The Room tonight in the east village comes this exciting news: look for director Tommy Wiseau, because I’m told he’ll be making an appearance (as he does at many of the LA screenings.) And if you aren’t joining the legions of Room fans (and, I hear, a few comedy celebrities) at the screening, you can still get a Tommy Wiseau fix if you have cable: he’s appearing on the Fox News show Red Eye With Greg Gutfield tonight. Check local listings (but on the east coast, it airs at 3 am.) Here’s a video someone made of all of Tommy’s laughs in the movie (and one cry):

I’ll have a report from the screening on Monday. If you go and take pictures or video, send ‘em along!