30 Rock: What Does BFF Stand For?

I’m going to try a new thing with 30 Rock. Since we’re all watching it either on TV or Hulu (I assume), and since it’s impossible to even try to point out all of the average of 187 hilarious moments in each episode, and since all any of us really want to do is quote from this, dare I say, most quotable show in the history of TV, that’s just what we’re going to do. (With a video, because I can’t resist.) So that’s a new thing: The 30 Rock favorite quotes list. But first: was last night’s episode not the BEST of the season and one of the best ever? I want to tell my few remaining (probationary) friends who still have not seen this show that this Tina-Fey-written episode, “The Bubble”, is the one to start with at this late date Anyway, to the quotes!

My favorite five quotes from last night’s 30 Rock:


Drew: I didn’t like it outside The Bubble, Liz. It was very ironic.
Liz: No it wasn’t. That’s not how you use that word.
Drew: Stop it. I want to use ironic however I want. I want to stay in the bubble.


Jack: Beautiful people are treated differently, from, say, moderately pleasant looking people. They live in a bubble. A bubble of free drinks, kindness and outdoor sex.


Tracy: You’re my Radar O’Riley, Ken. Now get in here and rub my feet until you hear a chopper coming.


Tracy Jr.: She said she had to take a spa week at Canyon Ranch before my dad broke it half. What’d that even supposed to mean!? I shouldn’t have to hear that! I’m a child!


Drew: That’s it! I quit! This racket is a fart!

And normally I am very anti-montage, but this one of Liz realizing that Dr. Drew sucks at everything because he lives in the good-looking bubble was awesome:

Other things that were awesome about this episode: Bobb’e J. Thompson as Tracy Jr, the Bill Cosby impression, The merkin, Frank’s “Drapes” (as in “Don Draper”) hat, and every single thing Jon Hamm did to prove he’s a comic actor and not just Don Draper. Also, “BFF”: I’m dying to know what it stands for! The next person to interview Tina Fey, in the world, will not be doing their job if they don’t ask.