Let He Who Has Never Made A Special Olympics Joke Cast The First Stone

Barack Obama was on Leno last night, attempting to change the world and fix the financial crisis in one late-night TV appearance, but nooooo, everyone is focusing on one offhand comment he made comparing his bowling skills to the Special Olympics:

I think the non-mentally-disabled Special Olympics organizers who are mad about this should ask themselves: if there is a bowling category in the Special Olympics, is 129 considered a good score? Are we all just supposed to pretend that what occurs at the Special Olympics are feats of unprecedented sports ability, that the thing that SO participants earn is not self-esteem, sportsmanship skills, and the pride of accomplishment, but actual world records? Because if not, Obama’s metaphor, while a goof and a mistake and something that hopefully won’t hurt any real feelings, fits pretty well.

But Obama better not slag the paralympics. I’ve seen Murderball and that shit is real. (You can watch the entire interview on Hulu.)