Pauly Shore Has A New Movie! And It Looks Insane!

In the words of the immortal Joey Russo: whoa! Pauly Shore, the rich man’s Jamie Kennedy (or is it the old man’s Jamie Kennedy?) has a new movie coming out called Adopted and it looks insane. Here’s the trailer, you guys:

Huh? And I have a follow-up question: what?

What is this? Who is this for? Like, I think the celebrity trend of adopting African babies is definitely ripe for parody and/or thoughtful critique, but is Pauly Shore really the guy to do it? Even if he was the person to do it, and he is not the person to do it, this movie is all over the place. Is the person who thinks, for example, that his Pauly Shorenuts’s HIV joke is hilarious the same person who thinks “You know, I never really thought about the ways in which American intervention in the third world is as much a systemic cause of some of their intractable problems as it is in any way a solution”? No. The person who’s going to find his shitty HIV joke hilarious is going to fart into the couch and fall asleep halfway through because “all that stuff about that fat kid was boring. Let’s go to GameStop and get a copy of Blood Fountain 2.” I’m all for confronting audiences with the truths they’re unwilling to see, but this is Pauly Shore. The only truths he can shed any light on are how sweet the nuggs are and who exactly is the weasel, buuuuuuudy. The last documentary he made was called Bio-Dome and it was about how he’s retarded.

I honestly cannot wait to see this thing. It’s like craning your neck at a car wreck, except you can buy a ticket in advance on Fandango*.

*If this actually gets a theatrical release. Doubtful.