Students Against James Franco

TMZ is reporting that a group of UCLA seniors have created a Facebook group to protest the selection of James Franco as their commencement address speaker. So it turns out that UCLA has selected James Franco as this year’s commencement address speaker. Ha. Says the Facebook group:

Clearly, this is ridiculous. Anyone who has been in his classes knows he is an average student at UCLA. This is an accomplishment while working in his industry, but he is our academic peer, which makes him an inappropriate choice for a keynote speaker. His academic experiences are too limited thus far to provide him with the wisdom and perspective such a speaker is meant to provide to graduates.

NARC School, school full of NARCs! The students clarify:

CLARIFICATION: We are not attacking James Franco: he is a very talented actor, and clearly did well enough at UCLA to get into Columbia. We merely protest that he is not an appropriate choice for our graduation speaker.

HE’S ALSO A DREAMBOAT. Clarify that.

James Franco, commencement speaker, is ridiculous, but to be fair, my commencement speaker, back in 1932, was the famed journalist David Halberstam (RIP), who spent most of the time boringly talking about how the commencement speech at his graduation was really boring, because ))><(( and hakuna matata. My point is that there isn’t really such a thing as inspirational or useful commencement speeches. It’s all just the stuff you have to listen to before you go get drunk at a backyard bbq in front of your friends’ parents. So why NOT hear what it was like on the set of Nights in Rodanthe? AND THEN THEY FLEW!