One Man’s Worst Comedian Ever Is Another Man’s Best Comedian Ever

This video is old, I guess, but whatever. It’s new to me. And it’s great to me. It’s titled “Worst Comedian Ever,” which is probably the least accurate titling of something since the No Spin Zone. (Bill O’Reilly’s a liar zing, 2009. Right on time. Very topical.) This guy is actually great.

A+. In the words of TBS, “very funny.” I am still LOLing. Seriously. Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are sobbing right now in some fancy Hollywood therapist’s office because they feel like phonies. No matter how hard they try (and they try very hard) they will never be anything but shadowy imitations of this guy’s hard-edged reality. Where is this guy’s Adult Swim show? Never give up on your dreams, y’all!!! Fuck you, Jeff Dunham!!! (Thanks for the tip, Max.)