The Time Has Come To Defend Kristen Stewart

I’ve done my own fair share of piling on to the young Twilight and Adventureland actress Kristen Stewart, and I’ll admit that my own impression of her thus far has been that she’s a snobby, too-cool-for-school c-word who doesn’t yet realize that a big part of her job is making us like her. But after seeing this clip from MTV Canada today, in which those horrible people who do the Hills after show gang up on Kristen for not treating their special interview like it was the most important conversation of her life, and who flat-out call her a bitch, it’s time to stand up for the possibly-misunderstood kid on the playground, here. This is just not right. (Note: the video works again!)

(This is the best quality available, but the point definitely comes across):

Just in case anyone missed some of the mean girl dialogue:

“That girl, that…bitch…Someone like her thinks that she is better than you. She’s a high schooly girl who thinks she’s too cool for school…She’s not smart enough to brush it off and make a joke…I hate her face.”

NOW. As I said before, this was my initial impression of Kristen Stewart as well, though not in such harsh words. But maybe because these for-all-intents anonymous tv hosts are so terrible themselves, it’s hard not to feel for Kristen while watching this. There is no doubt that Kristen is lacking in media savvy. There’s no doubt that she doesn’t come across as likable while promoting her movies. These facts are not in dispute. But haven’t we all met at least 100 people who we initially thought were snobby but were really just kind of shy? I’m not saying Kristen doesn’t need to work on her media savvy if she wants to keep her job, but everyone has things they need to work on to be better at their jobs. And being an actress doesn’t necessarily make you good at answering off-the-cuff, sort of rude questions in a charming and immediately likable way. So let’s all give Kristen a break while she grows up a little, and stop punishing her for acting pretty much exactly the way 99% of us would act if forced to be in the same room with one of those horrible Hills after show people.