Only Suckers Will Miss Friday’s NYC Screening Of The Room

(Well, suckers and people who can’t make it for valid geographical reasons.)

Did you hear? After the first two auditoriums sold out in record time, they’ve added a THIRD midnight screening of the most entertaining bad movie ever made, Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, at the same theater at the same time. It’s this Friday night at midnight in the east village, and you can still buy tickets here.

If you’ve seen The Room and live nearby, you’re probably already going to the screening and you certainly need no convincing. But if you’re like my friend, who I’ll call “Smuggy”, you might need a little pep talk, so I’ll tell you what I told him when he tried to pre-emptively deny the awesomeness of The Room.

Me: I forgot, am I saving a ticket for you for The Room Friday?
“Smuggy”: I don’t think so. I’m just not a “seeing bad movies just to laugh at them” kind of guy.
Me: I hate you.

Okay, that’s really hypocritical, since myself and every single person I’ve shown The Room to without exception have all tried to resist seeing the movie using the exact same logic. But I swear to you now: The Room is different, and what makes it different is the fact that every moment is bad in a new and surprising way. There are no boring parts (even the sex scenes, the only parts of the movie that could be considered slightly lagging, make up for it with a wtf skin condition and, um, comical thrusting.) Even though I was once exactly like poor, misguided “Smuggy,” his attitude about this would make anyone who’s seen the movie super-annoyed — for one thing, our friends should trust us. For another, to not be interested in this movie even as it’s gained word-of-mouth momentum at a frightening rate over the past few months is to show an unforgivable lack of curiosity. Okay, maybe it’s not THAT important, but, if you’re around (and not “very busy”), see The Room this Friday. You will not be sorry.

For the superfans, here’s a new fake-rap video inspired by The Room:

To catch up on the Room phenomenon, read our Room archives. And, oh yeah, we’re still not affiliated with this movie or the screening in any way: this is just a personal crusade to share something truly life-enriching. Once you see it, you’ll want to share it with everyone, too. (That’s why they call them CULT movies.)