Where The Wild Things Are Probably Can’t Get Much Better Than Its Poster

Check out the poster for Where the Wild Things Are, you guys! What a great poster. It’s like fine art in a fancy museum. I’m going to get this poster framed and hang it above my bed, and then when a woman comes over I’m going to be like “THAT LITTLE BOY IS ME!” I’m going to scream that in her face. Because I’m a master of seduction.

Seriously, though, this is such a good poster. Moms are going to hate it, though. Moms are going to be like, “I can’t see the monster’s face. They made a mistake. Someone should write a letter and let them know. It’s only polite.”

Has anyone else noticed that movie posters have gotten really good lately? Jokes about floating heads aside, whoever is in charge of Hollywood Graphicz should get a raise. Even movies like Good Luck Chuck and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry had well-designed, aesthetically impressive movie posters. And those movies were pieces of shit! There was more thought and artistic intelligence in the design of the posters for those two garbage cans than went into the entire production of the movies themselves. By all rights Dane Cook should have wet farted on a poster and the end. That’s not even a zing, it’s just the first sentence in a Wikipedia entry about movie poster design.

Hopefully this movie is not a piece of shit. I mean, I’ll probably love it because I’ve set the bar really low: my one hope for Where the Wild Things Are is that it does not use the pursuit of equal rights as a backdrop for homophobic fart jokes. Success!

Click through for a better view of this great poster.