It’s 5PM, And Now, Time For The Weather, Motherfucker

A couple of dudes visit their local news affiliate to talk about an upcoming wrestling event for charity. Then they suplex the weatherman.

Aww. It’s cute when Local News Affiliates get creative.

“Sandy owns a copy of that Jim Carrey movie Man on the Moon? You know, the one about the Jew comedian from New York? We all got together and watched a half hour during lunch every day in the break-room for a week. It was a lot of fun but I’ll tell you, I didn’t think much about it. And then a couple weeks later Brian comes in to the Wednesday meeting and he says ‘You know what, I think we could be just as funny as that Andy Whatsit fella,” and that’s how the whole thing got started. I sleep with a gun under my pillow.” (Thanks for the tip, Warren.)