Paul Rudd And Jason Segel Are Too Exhausted To Do Anything But Make Fart Sounds

Look: I’m getting Rudd and Segel-tigue at this point, too. I can’t wait for I Love You, Man to come out and make lots of money so those guys can rest and we can talk about other things in general as a nation of comedy lovers. But THAT SAID, this video that just came up in my Paul Rudd Google alert is too hilarious not to share: after weeks of doing constant publicity for their movie, an interview with National Lampoon descends into chaos and goes off the rails to the point where the two stars are literally crying. Crying and trying to still make fart sounds at the same time.

(The first half or so):

Now we know what it’s like to reach that overtired part of a slumber party with Jason Segel and Paul Rudd.