All Of The Internet’s Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Themed YouTubes In One Post

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, duh. What a great holiday. I mean, obviously drinking too much green beer at 8:30 in the morning would seem really unfortunate and pathologically sad if alcohol was available to legal-aged consenting adults on a daily basis to be enjoyed in moderation at reasonable hours. But since alcohol is illegal and no one gets to drink too much of it ever, it’s just nice to have a celebration like this, you know? It’s especially nice for frat boys, who live in a world that refuses to indulge their every self-absorbed, half-literate excuse to be abusive, immature, and completely, almost-fatally drunk.

Anyway, today is St. Patrick’s Day, your boyfriend’s favorite day of the year, and so a lot of blogs have published their Top 10 Ways You Know You’re a Drunkneck and Top 10 Ways to Get Alcohol Poisoning Before Sunrise lists. We don’t have one of those. Well, we do:

1-10. Beer Mixed With Green Food Coloring And Incredible Stupidity

But the other things blogs do is post a St. Patrick’s Day-themed YouTube video in celebration of this special, special day. And this is, after all, a blo–[gunshot]. But stop at one? Why not just post all of them so that you can spend the rest of your day barfing IRL. After the jump, the Internet’s Favorite St. Patrick’s Day-Themed YouTubes All in One Post.

St. Patrick’s Day Cat

Cookie O Puss

Muppets Sing “Danny Boy”

Leprechaun Straight Smoking A Bong

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Fred

And of course, Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

That’s all of them. What a great holiday. I hope you’re wearing green.