Steve Agee Just Thinks Things Should Work Properly

We all know who Steve Agee is, right? He’s not superfamous (yet), but he’s probably best known as Brian Posehn’s boyfriend on The Sarah Silverman Show. Steve’s really funny on that show, and also supposed to be like the greatest guy basically ever. Anyway, last night Steve announced his new web series, Extreme Chores, on his Twitter, and I don’t know if this is going to be a real web series or just Steve fucking around with his video camera while doing household chores twice, but I do know I laughed out loud at both of these videos. And they’re short! They’re so short, I love it. Thank you, Steve Agee.

(With both of these, the funniest part is at the end. But did I mention they’re short?)

Steve shows us the world from the point of view of a Dyson vacuum cleaner:


And a toilet:

Also, Steve Agee’s Twitter is good (and often has Sarah Silverman Program info.)