Paul Rudd And Jon Hamm Are Old College Buddies (?!)

No way! I had no idea, and if anyone out there would sadly, pathetically know that information before it was in Time Magazine, I would think it would be me. Sometimes truth is stranger than fan fiction:

“He always liked to get naked. Anybody that lived in his fraternity house would tell you. And yes, he is a frat boy, no matter how much he would go screaming from that now,” says sportscaster Joe Buck, who, along with Mad Men star Jon Hamm, has known Rudd since their college days.

“He’s adorable. There’s no two ways about it,” says Hamm.

If ever there was a case of the pot calling the kettle adorable, that’s it. The article, which is annoyingly contrived (Joel Stein and an exhausted-seeming Rudd try to “pick up” guys at a bar, get it, because of the movie etc.), mentions the Paul Rudd-executive-produced comedy series, Party Down, which premieres on Starz on Friday. It’s also already available to watch on the Party Down website.