SNL Just The Funny Parts: Tracy Morgan Yells

The bad news is this weekend’s SNL with host Tracy Morgan wasn’t as funny as it could be. The intro segment, where Tracy goes “back” to 30 Rock, was completely unfunny, despite a cameo by Tina Fey. In fact, Tracy was kind of terrible for most of the show, in sketches that seemed to be based solely on Tracy yelling stupid things (on The View, on a safari show, etc). I enjoy watching Tracy Morgan yell stupid things as much as the next person, but context is important. The good news, however, is that this episode was the first in a while to have five truly funny moments.

5. Barbie goes on Weekend Update:

4. John Malkovich goes on Weekend Update:

3. Bill Hader expands his Keith Morrison impression. If you don’t watch Dateline, you should know that this impression is 100% exactly spot-on:

2. Scared Straight: Sideways:

1. Rocket Dog!

Also on this episode: the “Chewable Pampers” and “Butt Strips” commercials AGAIN? This is at least the third time for the former. Funny commercial, but I think everyone in America who would like it has seen it by now.