Sarah Silverman Is Not A Diva

Sarah Silverman was on Real Time With Bill Maher Friday night, and their funny, revealing conversation has further complicated my already confused Bill-Maher- feelings — I agree with most or all of his words, but the delivery system for those words annoys the shit out of me. But the other night Bill managed to tamp down the stridency and just let Sarah be Sarah, explaining why she goes to the Playboy Mansion (to see “broken people”) and the difference between a diva and a c-word (there is none.)

(I enjoyed the Madoff stuff at the beginning, but the diva stuff starts at 4:55):

“You’re not a diva, you’re a broken person who’s making it impossible to feel sorry for you.” I was trying to figure out which celebrity I most hoped saw that, and I’ve decided it’s Tyra Banks.