Eastbound And Down: The Fall And Rise Of Kenny Powers

At the opening of last night’s episode, Kenny Powers swore off ever touching another baseball again. Of course, by the end of the episode he was knocking motherfuckers’ eyeballs out with baseballs, and smashing them through Ashley Schaeffer’s BMW. But for a moment it did seem like the show might follow a traditional redemptive narrative arc. Of course, that’s basically impossible. Even if Kenny Powers hadn’t smashed Craig Robinson in the face, the redemption here would be a fallen man accepting (not overcoming) his unbearable shortcomings. Kenny Powers was never going to be a “better” man, just a quieter one. His acquiesence to an average life is still tempered by his assholeish belittling of such a life, and those who already live it.

Then again, the show actually is following an inverted traditional narrative, because Kenny’s boorish, abusive nature is what we come to see as his success, and so to see him hold back, to see him wear chinos, is to see him fail. It’s only be reclaiming his arrogance and unearned cocksure attitude that Kenny is redeemed. So fuck you, New York Times.

But look at me go on. Let’s get to a fuckin’ clip.

I can’t believe there’s only one episode of this show left. It’s like the opposite of Christmas, whatever that is. Sadmas or Boomas, basically.