Mike Tyson Is The Black Randy “The Ram” Robinson

James Toback directed a documentary about Mike Tyson and he named it Tyson, which makes sense. Trailer, you guys:

That looks really good. What a sad strange monster. It’s like The Wrestler, but with more Maori face tattoos. You know what else they should make a documentary about? Mike Tyson’s old mansion. Did you see the photos of that? It’s nuts. It’s like a theme park built around the concept of “Sad Apocalypse.” It’s like Cormac McCarthy’s The Road meets Boogie Nights meets, well, The Wrestler.

Man, remember how he went to jail for rape and then five years later bit Evander Holyfield’s ear off? The ’90s, you guys. End of an EAR-A! (Sorry. But also wow. That guy is so crazy! Someone should make a documentary about him.)