Friday Fight: Who Won: Jim Cramer Or Jon Stewart?

gabe: team stewart or team cramer?
lindsay: Stewart, duh
gabe: not duh
lindsay: Jim Cramer is personally responsible for any money anyone lost in 2008.
gabe: team stewart, sure
gabe: but not team stewart, duh
gabe: haha
lindsay: He should be Bernie Madoff’s bitch in prison.
gabe: bernie madoff doesn’t get a bitch
gabe: that’s one of the clauses in his sentence
gabe: he can be someone else’s bitch, but he can’t have a bitch of his own
lindsay: Kevin Bacon made sure of that

gabe: also A Bitch of His Own is your movie
lindsay: hahahaa
gabe: i feel bad for jim cramer
lindsay: Well, he certainly knows how to appear repentant
gabe: that was too much
gabe: he should relax a little bit
gabe: and by relax i mean
gabe: man up
gabe: he should man up a little bit
gabe: it’s not Mad Backpedal with Jim Cramer
gabe: but i do think
gabe: that jon stewart sort of made his point about 5 minutes in
gabe: and then spent another 10 minutes running roughshod over jim cramer
gabe: in a way that was just bullyish
lindsay: I really do think he saw frost/nixon recently
lindsay: “here’s my historical moment”
gabe: comparing jim cramer to richard nixon is silly
gabe: that’s it?
gabe: you have nothing to say to defend your boy?
gabe: ok, i will go on then
lindsay: Well
lindsay: I think what makes us as viewers uncomfortable is seeing Jon sort of lose control a little bit
lindsay: and be so righteous
lindsay: he did that in his first show after 9/11 too

gabe: that is not what makes me uncomfortable
lindsay: What I said last night as soon as it was over was “Everyone has faults, even Jon Stewart, and being a little too self righteous on what he thinks is the behalf of the little guy might be one of his faults.”
lindsay: If I ever see Jim Cramer on the street
gabe: see, i don’t have a problem with that
lindsay: I’m going to yell “Clip 212! Clip 212!”
gabe: the self-righteous thing
gabe: at least not in this case
gabe: self-righteousness can be horrible
gabe: but it can also be a really effective way of making a point about things that are wrong
gabe: my main problem with these types of jon stewart rants
gabe: is his weak defense of his own position
gabe: which usually involves removing the playing field entirely
gabe: by using his “comedy show” as an excuse for saying whtever teh fuck he wants
gabe: and while i do agree that comedy shows and “news” shows should not be held to the same standard
gabe: the argument that somehow people should care less about what jon stewart says
gabe: than what jim cramer says
gabe: or that it’s somehow less important because he’s “a clown”
gabe: is ridiculous
gabe: especially from someone who appears on TV every night

lindsay: yeah, he leaned a lot on the “in cramer we trust” thing
gabe: and is widely considered some kind of representative
gabe: right
lindsay: he does know that that was written by someone in the promo department, right?
gabe: i mean, that was some marketing thing dreamed up by CNBC
lindsay: like a 25 year old
gabe: and to throw that in Cramer’s face is silly
lindsay: that he’s never met
lindsay: Jon Stewart does not see all of his own promos before they go to air, probably
lindsay: there actually could have been one saying in stewart we trust
lindsay: who knows
gabe: well, there’s absolutely no way to ever know that
gabe: since all of jon stewart’s promos are burned
gabe: and buried in the ocean
lindsay: hahahaa
gabe: immediately after airing
lindsay: there’s probably not one that says “in stewart we trust”
gabe: probably not
gabe: but the point is that stewart’s sanctimoniousness is fine
gabe: but then play the game
gabe: if you’re going to shoulder the rage of the everyman
gabe: then you have to shoulder the criticism of the everyman
lindsay: Yeah
lindsay: I didn’t like the fart jokes line
lindsay: it was just over the top minimizing
lindsay: and martyr-ish
lindsay: like ‘world, can I please go back to fart jokes? will you let me?”
lindsay: like he’s Batman
lindsay: and fart jokes are hanging out in the bat cave
lindsay: with bat gadgets
gabe: if anything, jim cramer’s intense obsequiousness
gabe: and the run up to the interview
gabe: with the media predicting a slaughter
gabe: indicates that this is not just a comedy show
gabe: to be held to comedy show standards
gabe: you never read headlines about that when Good Morning, Miami took on the difficult topic of
gabe: who drank all the coffee?

gabe: jim cramer spent the last 8 minutes of the interview being completely cowed
gabe: as jon stewart beat him over the head with things that were barely even his fault
gabe: which is what bullies do
gabe: i feel like jim cramer is a pretty soft target for the mess that we are in
gabe: don’t get me wrong, jim cramer should go to jail
gabe: and they can just rerun old episodes of his show for the laffs
gabe: (because his show is incredible, and i kind of love it. so high energy! let’s go y’all!)
gabe: (it’s kind of like let’s paint, exercise, and talk about stocks)

lindsay: yes
gabe: but he did not cause the economic collapse of the modern world
lindsay: well, I think jim cramer just realized that there’s no way he is cooler than JS
gabe: with his stupid moo buzzer
lindsay: Do you think people like jim cramer more or less now?
gabe: i doubt anyone really likes him more
gabe: although i’m sure way more people feel sorry for him
gabe: than ever before
lindsay: why would he start to defend the clips?
lindsay: when he knows what else he said?
lindsay: that part was pretty damning
gabe: that part was totally damning
gabe: obvs
gabe: what was weird to me is that i had already seen that interview before
gabe: so, it’s been around
lindsay: yeah!
gabe: and in some ways i think there’s a certain ballsiness to it
gabe: not even in a totally bad way
gabe: like, everyone is doing this thing
lindsay: so why did he try to say he was speaking as a character
gabe: and maybe jim cramer is not the hero of calling everyone out
gabe: but he’s definitely honest enough to just say “yeah, i did this shit, too”
gabe: “that’s what everyone does”
gabe: “and i’m not going to lie about it”
gabe: and i think that he could have weathered the stewart storm a little better by sticking to that
gabe: and taking his deserved lumps
lindsay: yeah
lindsay: Jon Stewart is definitely cuter, though.
gabe: haha, i like pretending like i even know what “the dow” is
lindsay: you probably know what it is
gabe: fine, i kind of know what it is
gabe: whatever
gabe: what am i, a farmer?