This Is Your Dad’s Song About Rihanna And Chris Brown

Between this guy and Mark Gormley, 2009 is shaping up to be the year of the likable middle-aged man on YouTube. An awesome tipster just found this video of a guy named Bert Griffin singing “Rihanna’s Song (Bitch Slappin’ Brown),” his song defending Rihanna’s honor against her alleged attacker, Chris Brown. The chorus starts at 1:21, and is awesome:

Stereotype-wise, he looks like the last person who would rush musically to Rihanna’s defense, and that’s why it’s great! The world needs more people like Bert Griffin. Mr. Griffin has many more as-yet-unseen-by-the-internet videos on his YouTube channel, BertGriffin88, including another Rihanna song, “So The Psycho Took Her Life,” that imagines the likely consequences if Rihanna takes Chris Brown back. So, internet, let’s give our love to people like Bert Griffin instead of Chris Brown-enabling cowards like, say, I don’t know: Diddy. (Thanks so much to tipster Brian for this awesome find.)