The Great Buck Howard Is Pretty TV-Good

The Great Buck Howard, starring Colin Hanks, John Malkovich, Emily Blunt and Tom Hanks, comes out in theaters next weekend, but I discovered the other day that it’s already on IFC OnDemand, at least for Time Warner customers, so I watched. Here’s the trailer:

Even though I liked the movie, I wouldn’t recommend seeing it in theaters — it came across as a really good HBO movie that would have guaranteed John Malkovich an Emmy as Buck Howard, a washed-up yet overconfident mentalist who hires naive Colin Hanks as his tour manager. The story of the forgotten entertainer who still thinks he’s hot has been told before, but because it’s an entertaining story (the entire movie I imagined that Buck Howard was loosely based on William Shatner, but he’s actually tightly based on The Amazing Kreskin.) Anyway, this is your money-saving movie recommendation of the, um, year. Check local listings for IFC In Theaters OnDemand.

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