The Children Of Mumbai Love The Pussycat Dolls Remix Of “Jai Ho”

Aww. What a wonderful celebration of love, music, abject poverty, and aerobic stripper dances! MY FAVORITE PART IS THE NEW NOKIA WITH A TOUCHSCREEN INTERFACE!

a) he cheated
b) he’s lucky
c) he’s a genius
d) it was written
e) it was texted from the new Nokia with a touchscreen interface

I hope it comes with the iSuicide app pre-installed.

The Dolls recently shot the video for the tune in an abandoned train station museum in Vienna , Austria, in the middle of a blizzard. “Somehow the energy and love of the songs shined through and it was as if we were just an extension of where the movie took off at the end,” [Nicole] Sherzinger says.

Brrrr! It’s just like that part in the movie when the young Jamal jumped through a hole at the bottom of an outhouse and fell into a pit of fur coats and thongs. Nicole Sherzinger is right, this is a total extension of where the movie took off at the end. They should basically get an Oscar for Best Extension of Where a Movie Took off at the End because of how this is just perfect.

“We hope one day to give up our lives of desperate prostitution to pursue our dream of athletic burlesque.”

“This new Nokia with a touchscreen interface is delicious!”

Dear The Pussycat Dolls,

Have fun at dinner.


P.S. We like your tie.

(Via PopEater.)