30 Rock: Scrabulous

Last night’s 30 Rock revolved around Liz’s efforts to organize her life and get out of jury duty by dressing up as Princess Leia, her staff’s (and the arsonist for whom she was a juror’s) attempts to drive her to burn her office to the ground, and Jack’s co-opting of the writers (“Shut up, everybody! Shut up, Lutz!”) to try to find a new name for the new GE “pocket microwave” (with a ham button.) This episode contained two of the funniest scenes of the season.

Liz takes Tracy to task for thinking he can use his own money to pay FCC fines for saying bad words on the air. I can’t tell what they’re saying here, but I’m pretty sure the word “jizz” is involved. If you read lips well, please help. I have to know:

And the funniest: Jack tries to use Scrabble tiles to come up with a name for the pocket microwave:

Also, I want there to be an animated .gif of Liz’s face here and name it “Friday afternoons”:

If you missed the whole episode, it’s on Hulu as usual. Don’t forget: Tracy Morgan is hosting SNL tomorrow night. It’d better be perfect!