The New Star Trek Movie Is A Total San Francisco FAIL!

Says this nerd.

Haha. This makes me laugh. I love this guy. So mad. The day after the HD trailer for Star Trek was posted on the Apple website he applied to get a PhD in Buildings. I do think that YouTube user neilvarney00 makes a really strong counter-point, though:

So true. Alot can happen and change in 300 years. Boom goes the mind-amite. Later, zennie62, who made the video, joins the thread to bring up another pretty important topic:

Is it too bright, guys? The interior design? In the spaceship?

Obviously, I am only teasing this guy because the fact that I will never care about anything even half as much as he cares about three frames in a teaser trailer, not even my children, fills me with an existential dread more terrifying than the night screams of a thousand ring-wraiths. (Via io9.)